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Does Becchio Deserve a Chance

With infernal International break now over, at least it was not a total waste of time for English followers, with the great result against Poland which saw the three lions book their plane ticket to Brazil.   But now we can get back to the bread and butter of consolidating the league for another season.

I realize that many sites may have discussed the following so forgive me for going over it again. 

Just what is wrong with  Becchio ?   he clearly must have shown something for Hughton to bring him to Norfolk in the first place, or was it the case of what I have heard in rumours, that he was used to get Morison off the pay roll.  Personally I don't buy into that any player can be sold, loaned or got rid off, if a manager doesn't like or want him.   Becchio had done enough over the years at Leeds to get a crack at the premiership,  it looked on the surface that Hughton was going to give him that chance but sadly that hasn't happened for whatever reasons the management has.

With the departure of Martin, Jackson and Holt, I would have thought Becchio may have had more of a look in, but in came RVW, Hooper and Elmander pushing Becks down to 4th choice.   I understand that new signings costing a fair amount of money will get selected, but what happens when these players don't do the job they are bought for ?   Scoring goals, how long do you give them ? 

I,  of course refer to RVW I understand that he needs a settling in period, but from what I have seen he looked a little lost on more than one occassion,  it is not all on the player the manager and team have to learn to play to his strengths. I feel that he should not be first choice automatically; which does seem the case.  Hooper has a proven record in British football of scoring whereever he has played, he saved his managers blushes the other week at Watford, his reward was to plonked back on the bench, hardly a fair reward.

Elmander I believe was not bought for his goal scoring feats, but to be used as another Grant Holt type player, to get out there hustle, fight and generally upset the defence; as long as we don't see a repeat of his collapsing to the ground.

But if these players that are above Becchio in the pecking order had been scoring then I would not  have any form of justification for writing this bit,  but they aren't .  So why isn't Becchio getting at least a spot on the bench ?   he is another option and in my option does deserve a chance.

If he is not wanted by the manager then why won't he be allowed to go out on loan, if the media is to be believed several clubs including his old one Leeds have approached City for loaning him.  Anyone could be forgiven for looking at the situation and asking has Hughton got something against the guy,  as he gets overlooked for even Cup ties.  Doesn't he rate him ?     Why not let him go out to get some games ?   But why the hell bring him here in the first place ?

Questions like this could be also be asked over Fox and Butterfield, why give Fox a new deal very early on, and why go to the trouble of bringing in Butterfield  ? 



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