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Don't Widen the Goalposts Again

Many City followers have put forward that David McNally is as much to blame as what Chris Hughton is for out current plight.

 I do believe instead of widening the goalposts  he should have said good bye to Hughton and Co in December. Now it is probably far too late, what manager who is worth his salt would be prepared to come here now to take on this fight ?  Of course there will be the usual suspects, who have been out of work, they think 4-5-1-1  is part of a phone number.

Come Saturday evening I have this strong suspicion we will be dumped into the bottom three,  then we will see if McNally keeps his word or increases the goal again. 

You were disappointed in October Mr McNally surely you are still are,  But  I  and many others are not just disappointed, add depressed, frustrated and darn right angry to that.

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