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Dorrans For a Month, Can he Return

As many of us expected to happen, Graham Dorrans has signed on loan,  what has surprised me is the length of the period  28 days .  I fully expected a full 93 day deal.  We said in an earlier post that enabling Dorrans to be here for any play off games he would have to be signed on the 22nd of Feb.

I am unsure of the rules pertaining to loans, whether we can resign him again for the remaining time (65 days)f left  on a 93 day deal  after a period back at his parent club. I believe that if we can sign him again we would have to do so before the 31st March.  Which would take him up to June 6th  well covering all the play offs.  Then we would expect him to be signed full time.

There use to be a rule and I take it still in force,   that a player can only only play for two clubs in any season,  so having played for WBA and will play for City,  as I said , if the rule still stands he cannot be signed and play for another club.

I notice Bournemouth were also trying to sign Dorrans on Monday, perhaps that is why City acted quickly having their hand forced a little. 

If anyone does know drop us an email while we dig around for clarification

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