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Down without anything than the usual

Down without a fight, hardly a bloody whimper....But Why should the last game of the season be any different to what has gone on before, had it been one of note  it may have sent the fans away with a little bit better feeling or  sent them home feel why the **** couldn't they have done that sooner?

Thank god it is over one of the most painful episodes of recent history, enough has been said,  there has been enough inquests into just about every aspect of Norwich City Football Club ..   We now all wait while the board make their collective minds up about who is being given the task of taking the club onwards from these two season turmoil.  This time have to get it right perhaps more right than in previous years, the club is debt free, has some good parachute money, which none must be wasted by some brainless free spending cowboy manager.

Their own credibility to act as leaders of the club are also in the spotlight, having sat  on their hands for a season and a half with little or no action, while the team was flushing itself down the pipes.  The majority of fans are watching more closely than normal, having proved themselves during the good years, but when it comes to a change they failed. in more ways than one.

When pressure was on Hughton was neither backed  nor sacked  instead he  heard inflammatory noise's that only served to put more pressure on the manager’s position.

When Hughton was finally sacked, it was a decision taken out of desperation rather than any form of planning, thinking or even knowing who to replace him with,  Instead putting the nearest available and cheapest option in charge, exploiting a loyal employee of the club

That is meant as no disrespects to Neil Adams, he has done nothing more than any ex player who has a great affection for the club and it's supporters, would have done. Being proud and Honored to lead the club he loves.

There has been a complete lack of decisive action at the club, including a very poor January transfer window, when we needed real strengthening,  very little was forth coming...   another case of not backing the manager and not sacking him either.

Time is the most important thing, I believe there is just 3 months until the season kicks off,  a manager needs to be in so he can sit down with players before they disappear on their holidays or go to Brazil, so he knows what they and he wants.

We need a manger and players who can buy into the ethos of togetherness and solidarity.  Lambert did it why not again

Over to You Board of Norwich City


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