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Elliot Ward To Bristol City... Rumour

We are not sure if there is anything to the following, we spotted on a transfer feed on Twitter,  we are just passing the rumour on for those that didn't see it on the Social Network Site.

They state that:   Elliot Ward was in talks with Bristol City on Friday with a view to a 3 month loan deal with the West Country side,  the suggest that he got as far as a medical. 

If there is any substance to this, the loan window opens for all League clubs next week I believe, so Elliot won't be going anywhere until that is open, unless the transfer was registered before the deadline, if that is so,  we cannot understand why nothing has been said.  

We feel it will do Elliot the world of good to get some games under his belt,  as it looks like chances at Carrow will be limited for him,  many City fans feel that he isn't quite up to the level that's needed.  That's as maybe but it must be said the guy has always given his all for the cause.

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