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Elmander A Sort of an Apology

I don't thank any fair minded football supporter can really endorse what Johan Elmander acted out in the recent World Cup Quailifer, in feining a head butt from Stoke's Arnautovic, getting the player red carded.   In what could be termed a type of apology  Elmander said the following:

"I am an advocate of
fair play and (what) happened right there are things that happen in a game when

you're inside it... that is the end of the game and you're tired and
stuff. That's what happens.

"I'm not proud of what I did, but now it is so."
It remains to be seen if Arnautovic makes a successful appeal - and Elmander is punished for over-reacting.

Not that much of an apology really , it is a sure bet he will receive a very warm welcome from Stoke's following and remains to be seen how City's own following react to himE

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