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Embarrassing ..As City Spectate

That was embarrassing ....Hughton may like to consider doing something more with his team, than spectating in the next match.

Sorry but that surely must be the end, I know we are not expected to take anything from the game against this type of side, but to concede seven is on par with worst performence any City fan has had the misfortune to witness,.  The last time a City team conceded 7 , we saw a new manager within days.   I will not be disappointed to see that again

This is the end as far as many City fans are concerned. He ideals and game plans do not work, this is his team and therefore the buck stops at his desk.   I had a text message from a friend who was unfortunate enough to be in the Ethead this afternoon, he simply said in his view the "Players are not playing for him"  

I didn't listen or see any of the game, perfering to take the children to the loacl Cinema, where Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2  gave me much more enjoyment and nowhere near the heartache I would have suffered watching or listening to the game.

I  have said that a defeat today would not see Hughton given his P45 but would be different if we lost at home to West Ham, but I am not so sure now, given the nature and manner of defeat.



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