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Embarrassed Then and Not Now ?

Let me take you back a few weeks  14 league games ago  Tuesday 8th October, Michael Bailey wrote in The Pink Un  that McNally was reported to have said at a fans forum meeting that he was;

"I’m not happy about being 18th; I’m embarrassed by it "

A look at the league table for that day (Oct 8th) see City sitting in 18th place with 7 points and a goal difference of minus 4,  today 14 games on, City sit in 14th place with 20 points and a goal difference of minus 18. 

If McNally was embarrassed and unhappy at having 7 points from 7 games,  a point a game, why does he not feel the same today ?   When they  are not even averaging a point a game and the minus GD has doubled. 

  Back at that Fans Forum in October our CEO called for patience for Hughton's team,  he believed  despite being embarrassed he believed it was better than the previous seasons effort that same point. 

  I have already mentioned  todays placings ((above)  what of last season after 21 games when City sat in 12th place on 25  points and a minus GD of just 10.   Clearly a lot better than this season.   

There is even more there to be embarrassed by over this season, the football style has got worse, the defeats have been heavier, the team spirit looks shot to pieces and still there seems to be nothing in the way of change coming from the management team to arrest this tumbling down. 

Yet Mr McNally made no mention of being embarressed or unhappy, today, over what is worse than previous.  I can only assume he has allowed his satisfaction levels to drop;  what was important is not so much now.

What has happened to the progression, after the improvement in the squad ?    Are these thing suddenly not important  ?   It would appear so  as long as we stay above 18th place, to hell with the absymal style of football,  the boring and predictable tactics, squabbling players along with the disgruntled fans and very unhappy fans.  

As long as we stay above the dreaded bottom three, everything is fine,  the money will come into the club to pay the high wages.  buggar the rest.  

I felt Bryan Gunn was not quite up to the job, the patience was not afforded to him the same amount that is being given to Hughton  who is also not up to the job neither.    Apart  from being in a lower league the only other real difference I can see was Gunn was not a McNally appointment and the club had no money for Gunn to splash about. 

Yet more time is being given  are different standards at work ?


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