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Embarressingly Poor ... Embarressingly Easy For Liverpool

I would think Liverpool have requested from the FA a right to play us every week, they don't get any easier games than against us. 

That was so embarressingly easy for Liverpool it is untrue.  I feel for the hardy 1800 or so who made that trip to sit and watch such an inept performance.  I would be requesting some form of refund from the club.

It is OK to go to Anfield to play for a draw, but at least have some other plan in readiness in case,  there was no other plan, we are 3-0 down before any change is made; then on 86th minute and 5-0 down another change, what good was that. .

To me, a case of  I had better look to be doing something.

Last season is gone I know we have moved -- I would like to say ON in there but I can't at the moment,  we attacked like crazy;  yes we got a couple of thumpings but at least everybody played to have a go.  Now we are getting thumped and offering next to sod all in return.   I can take defeat, over the 40 odd years following City you sort of learn to;  but as always it is the manner of the defeat that can irk me.  I like to see us having a go at teams if we do and still lose; I can ask no more.

OK we had a nice little run which is something remarkable and something to be proud of, but what on earth has gone wrong ?   

I have said on here before that Hughton and Co have no Plan B and are painfully slow at changing things, I have heard people ask if they can see things at all; I wouldn't go quite that far but I do see the point.

Today he lined them up in two banks of  Four with Howson and Holt , now if I recall correctly Hughton said he changed his preferred system to accomodate Hoolahan, but there was no Hoolahan today;  until it was game over.   So why try and play to a system when the man who it was implemented for isn't playing ? 

  Hope someone asks him that question.

You cannot sit back inviting attack after attack and have nothing to offer in return or have no back up plan to use, if you do  the outcome is clear and not for the first time this season. 

It was a dam good job that the 10 game run was put together, if not we would be struggling down at the bottom, Sunderland, Reading, Southampton and QPR are all picking up points on us; in fact Sunderland now sit above us.   I just live in hope that there are three teams worse than us, but that hope is getting slender.

I cannot offer any comments or something positive from the game because there weren't any I saw.  The travelling Yellow Army were fantastic again and could be heard on the TV streams, it is them I feel the most for.


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