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End of the Journey, Time for a Different Captain on the Good Ship Canary

I never want my team to lose any game, so I won't be wishing for that to happen this afternoon in yet another must win game for Chris Hughton and his men.  There has been too much of sneaking a win, when  it is vital, we then go back to limping to the next one.  ...

This has to be stopped and stopped tonight, whatever the result is at 5pm  Chris Hughton must be asked  to pack his bags along with Caulderwood and Trollope and depart Carrow Road. He has already stated he will not resign, of course not, who really would expect him too..... not with compensation to be paid.

Worthington wouldn't walk,  Roeder wouldn't walk,   Grant had the decency to know when he was beat.  Gunn was shown no mercy and that is what Hughton should be facing later tonight.

If another win is secured, it only will serve to paper tissue over bloody great holes that are there for all to see, there cannot be allowed any more time for turning things around, he has had half a season to improve on the previous one, and has failed terribly.   Hughton might be a nice chap and all that, but that must not be allowed to cloud any judgement or even come into the equation. 

It is a sad state City are in after so much success, I personally feel there has been no real progression where it matters on the pitch, if anything it has gone backwards, a better quaility of player has been drafted in but the manager has little idea of how to play those strengths getting the best out of them. 

It is time for a new Captain, New Charts before we sink like the Titanic



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