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Fans Frustrated Yet Again

O dear another flat and depressive weekend to go after another City failure,  I had a good idea that it would not be a good day out to the South West,  we had a family day out.   I gave up my season ticket after watching Hughton teams last season and I can say I have not missed it as much as I thought I would.  Yes I realise I won't get another one for a long while, but while he is manager I cannot say I care too much.

I am at a loss to write anything about a game I didn't even listen too, so to be fair I won't. However,   I am starting to ask serious questions of the players too... We often hear players spouting in the press "About upping their game"  or "Blame Us for the Games"    But the best one of all is;   "We ARE playing for and backing the manager"

While the supporters are treated to dire crap that has passed as football,  If that is upping the game, or  Playing For and Backing the manager;   then I have to ask,  are these players really good enough for the Premier League ?  As there has been very little improvement in any area Defence, Midfield or Attack 

To me it is nothing more than a joke,  as we know many footballers cannot hardly utter two words with out stammering 30 or so ummmmmm's,    yet we are expected to swallow this bull,  that is clearly eminating out of the media Dept at Carrow Road.   

I would rather they said nothing and let the real talking be done on the bloody pitch, where they have been so lacking this season and some of last.

Reports on the Net today, suggested Hughton has told those close to him he expects to be sacked at the end of the season, I then hear via a friend that Hughton denied this, in his usual Post Game ramblings,  Speaking in the EDP Hughton says

“When I hear a report like that the first thing I want to ask is, ‘Who exactly has said that?’ It hasn’t come from me and certainly from anyone associated to me,” he said. “There is absolutely no substance in that at all. I am surprised and possibly these sort of things come out because we are in a difficult period. I can only reiterate it is story with no substance to it and I am disappointed it has come out and I have to deal with it.”

He may not have said it,  But he surely has a bloody good idea that he may be packing up his bags in Norfolk in the summer and will hang aroung to top his bank account up for as long as he can.   I don't blame him for that but I do wonder if he will  be really worrying that much about the results now on in ?

I do believe that David McNally and those in the boardroom have dropped a major clanger but not getting shot of him before the January Transfer window , now is clearly far too late.    the damage is done the die cast ... 

I look at the fixtures left and struggle like anything to see where we are going to pick up the points need, plus I look at the  players who already look deflated and expecting the worst, if there was a desire to fight I am sure we would have seen that a lot more than he, not just for the so called must win game, but for every one.

I will not be at all surprised if we are relegated the signs are there, and have been for quite a while, I cannot say there has been evidence of much of a spark there all season, we still have the same uncertain look about us, struggling in all Departments from the back to the friont.   There has been no saving unbeaten run, that saved us from the drop last season, nothing has changed from last season,   only some of the personel. 

The terrific support that follows the team all over the Country,  made their feelings very clear this afternoon, with the chating of  "You Don't Know What You Are Doing"    aimed probably both management and players

I have no doubts some player will come out and criticise them for singing that, just as they did when spying a Hughton Out banner at an away game.   I really do believe that whoever draws the short straw to speak, that they will think before opening their mouths,  these supporters play absolutely thousands of pounds to travel to watch them play,  more often they have been so short changed it is criminal. They are however allowed to voice their opinions, they have earned and paid for that right .

Not to be criticised by somebody who earns what these supporters can only dream about, plus who could move on and swear allegiance to a different club. 





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