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Ruddy Rumours - First Transfer Rumour Of The Off Season

And we've not even finished playing yet

This morning the Daily Star were carrying a story that Mourinho may wish to resurrect his interest in John Ruddy as the number 2 keeper at Chelsea, like may other City fans i'm sure I'd be very surprised at this stage of his career if Ruddy fancied getting splinters in his backside for the next season or two as a bench warmer at Chelsea

When quizzed about it AN had this to say this morning:

"That will happen regardless of the situation we are in right now, particularly around good players who have had a good season,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what league you are in there is always going to be interest. If Chelsea and Jose want John then they can pick up the phone and get the cheque book out. On a serious note, it is part of the game and it doesn’t concern me in the slightest"

Now, i'm sure Chelsea could offer Ruddy more money than we could, in fact i'm convinced they could, but would they want to for a benchwarmer?  Mourinho seems to have become very canny with the financial side of his transfer dealings since the financial fair play rules came in, and i'm not sure he'd fancy the total package.

Hopefully this will all be null and void anyway as we get promoted through the play offs, and Ruddy will see being first choice for us as a far better career move in the longer term than being second or third choice in West London, I guess we'll have a better idea in a couple of weeks as to what is likely to happen.

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