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For Once I am Glad to See an International Break

Much has been said about Chris Hughton's future at City over the last few weeks, perhaps more in the last week after the thrashing at Manchester City.  Some expected him to be gone before the West Ham game; that is something I did not think would happen  for two main reasons.

1)  He would be given at least one more game to try and sow the seeds of revival by securing that win, he has to convince that he is the man for the fight, also  that he has a plan to get out of the quagmire.

(Lets not forget  the players, they have to show more fight and redeem themselves after their Etihad moment.)

2)  Following this game is another  International Break, which will allow the Board a little breathing space and time to finalise any plans for a new manager, perhaps to appoint a new man. Or see what their current choice can do and say.

For once I am not moaning about this break in League action.

A home win on Saturday Evening may just buy Hughton some more time to take in the Newcastle and Cystal Palace games,  where we should realistically be looking at a 6-7 point total. But failure on Saturday could signal the end of Hughton & Co's time in Norfolk.

I would hate to think that any City fan is hoping for a defeat on Saturday, just to get shot of Hughton, I am sure that we all have the club's interests at the centre of our hearts, as long as we start winning games, does it matter about our dislikes or likes who is running the show ?   

I am glad to see that David McNally and the Board didn't jump off the deep end and dimiss Hughton on Saturday in the aftermath of the Etihad, nor at anytime during this week, when there is an enforced break from action on the horizon.  Buying themselves the time they need to collect their thoughts and maybe grease the wheels of any approach for a new man. 

I have no doubt Hughton has spent more than a few passing minutes with David McNally explaining and fighting his corner,  whatever He says,   I don't think he can claim to have taken us forward anywhere what was and righty so, expected,  but that is for the Board to decide if he has succeeded or failed

James Kent, has written a surperb article over on, where he states a very good case for taking the club forward to the next level along with what he feels the board must include in their thinking.  I will not try to add, he states perfectly my thoughts but expresse in a far better way than I can.

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