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Forget Lambertgate and Concentrate on Football

The media is having a field day with today's game, it isn't so much about football as what is going on off the field, I would hazard a guess that's the only reason the Sky camera's are at Villa Park today.  I hope that all the off field  Shenanigans won't be allowed to over shadow the actual game.

There has been a lot of talk and discussion on how we approach Paul Lambert. 

We we boo and Jeer ?  Do We applaud ?  For me,  we do nothing absolutely nothing, at the end of the day he did a good job while at our club, look where we are now and where we were when he came.  Ok he left leaving behind a sour taste, especially after stating:  "he never wanted to leave, he's happy blah blah."

Thats shows the true charector of a person, say one thing do they say actions speak louder than words. So why should he he matter to Norwich City FC, he is history.

Norwich is our team not Aston Villa, Chris Hughton is our manager and we should be backing him and his team, not worrying about what Lambert is or is not doing.  He will thrive on getting Jeered,  remember Colchester away, I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't excite him a little to be on the receiving end.

Yes I am thankul for his achievments, not forgetting Culverhouse and Karsa, but they are not our management team anymore,  we have moved on as a club, now us supporters need to do the same.  Just cheer and applaud our team, remember actions speak louder.




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