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Fulham bid for McCormack rejected

City rumoured still to be interested in the player 

Norwich have been rumoured to be interested in Ross McCormack from Leeds for a number of weeks now, and at one time were thought to hve put a bid in for him.

Sky Sports are now saying Fulham have been the first to test the water with a bid for £5m - but as we alll know Leeds are our Feeder club not theirs!  And the article goes on to state that we remain interested

What has got me going is this bit...

"McCormack finished last season as top-scorer in the Championship and it is understood that Cellino wants over £8million for his skipper and most prized asset." 

£8 million for a player not proven in the top flight?  Make Snodgrass seem highly undervalued at the £4m that has been in the press today

Is Cellino delusional, or are City doing their age old trick of being too nice and flogging on the cheap to the first bidder - I gues only time will tell, most City fans will say it is probably both, and i've a nasty idea they may well be right!

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