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Get Behind Chris Hughton and His Team..while ignoring Lambert

Paul Lambert has done a good job of trying to  draw a dark cloud over City supporters with his interviews of late, players and journalists are coming to his side, saying he doesn't deserve to be jeered or recieve any hostile reaction.

Exactly what the man wanted,  to look the  victim in waiting  in the media, he futher adds that we are obsessed with him, I said yesterday

that there is only one person obsessed with Paul Lambert and... that is Paul Lambert.

I am a little worried that great name City followers have,  could get centre attention tonight, he has tried to stir the pot to get us going against him and if the crowd jeers and turns hostile towards him,  job will be done, he will walk away with the sympathy of the nation on his side. 

O those nasty Norwich Supporters ain't they horrible.

What gets my dander up is he knows us better than anyone, he could walk on water as far as the majority of the Yellow army were concerned, he has no need what so ever to have said anything.  Let alone go on about his eight years at Celtic and how that will stand him in good stead, in a hostile enviroment.   O Get real man..

I really hope that the crowd gives him a round of applause for the fantastic job he did here and then ignore him and get behind Chris Hughton and our team, let Lambert worry about his job, he has far more to worry about.

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