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Give Hooper a Decent Run

 Mike Phelan started work today, getting his real behind the scenes look at the players and seemingly content with what he saw, clearly we will not be privy to any of his thoughts or notions. 

One thing I am hoping that Phelan and Adams come up with, is starting Gary Hooper, his goal last week earned  a point plus according to Adams has looked really sharp in training.  Well it is about time he is given the same sort of run Lewis Grabban has.  He has not scored for 9 games and to be honest  he has had chances that were harder to miss.  Enough is enough give Hooper the same time at least to get going and get use to playing again.  

One thing Hooper has done at his previous clubs is score goals consistently, where as Grabban has had one good season at Bournemouth which lead Adams to bring here to Norfolk.

Sad news is that Elliot Bennett has been allowed to stay at Brighton for another month, what a bad decision that could turn out to be, I think that with Martin at full back and Bennett in front of him the problems we have seen on the right side would be solved.   Murphy is good but he is nowhere near being like Bennett, youth need a chance but also experience is what will see us through the season




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