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Grabbing Defeat from Jaws of Victory

No messing about, something is wrong seriously wrong.  what happened at City Ground should not have happened, whether it was the way the players were instructed to approach our own corners, or the players ignoring instructions I don't know.  But something went Tits uop big time.

I saw exactly this a few times under the last managerial regime and hoped that it was down to their tactics etc, but now all has changed yet the same type of basic errors are still here,  Despite the assurances of attcking football going to win games, we saw today something more akin to Chris Hughton style.

Many are calling for Neil Adams head, and install Tony Pulis,  I am no where near convined Pulis would consider himself a championship manager any more after more than proving himself at the highest level.

What I believe would be the better way forward  would be to install a more experienced head along side Neil Adams, not someone like Joe Royle who ran at the first opportunity, I believed Royle had been out of the game for two long to really have been useful.  

Mick Phelan is still available and all attempts to get him here should be made, Phelan learned at the side of  one the greatest domestic managers Britain has had; what better quailifications does anyone need. Plus he has some affiliation with the club.

If the Board are serious about going all out for getting back to the Premiership, then they need to show a lot more drive and ambition than they have done, if they had acted earlier last season we may not have been relegated.  They need to act sooner rather that later or we face another long haul in the championship   OR is it with the club being out of debt,  enough for them. to sit back and accept a lower level of football. 

Do Something Now.. Do Not sit with your Thumbs up your  *****

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