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Grant Holt Has Not been Replaced

I am not a great lover of the term  legend,  I think the word has been used far to many times thus chealening it's meaning.

But every so often a Norwich City player rises above his teamates past and present and rightly gets that extra bit of praise,  among the many players that gone through the doors at Carrow Road some really stand head and shoulders above,  I am not  doing a disservice or belittling the others in any way. 
But the likes of  Darren Huckerby, Iwan Roberts, Adam Drury Dion Dublin had that little bit extra, one player who is included in my extras list returns this saturday with his loan club Huddersfield.  If you do not know who I am talking about then question  just who you follow...  Just in is Grant Holt.

Holty must be one of the best buys ever, we all know what he brought to the team,  bagging 30 goals in his first season in a partnership with Chris Martin, then 23 in the championship and finally proving every so called expert wrong continued  in the top flight bagging 17 in his first season.  The second season saw him caught out a little by defenders but mainly his much lower total was because of the style of play the then new manager Chris Hughton forced on the club.

The was was much more to Holty than banging in goals, he was a leader, who lead by example from the front and would often be seen tearing back 60 or 70 yards to help the defence.   He rallied the troops, both on and off the field, steadied the ship on many occassions always seemed to have a grin on his face.  Now for me pound for pound he did more than most for the canary cause, I still hold onto my belief he should not have been allowed to leave, he epitomised everything that has been missing from the team since he departed.

OK he tried the age old trick of getting a better contract, so what many players have done this, more than we will ever know they will be keep secret.  I don't blame him one iota, he was over 30,  nearing the end of his career and in truth given the club back far more than they had paid out for him.   So I hold no grudge what so ever on that score.

He has said he holds one regret of not being able to say goodbye to the fans that worshipped him on the pitch, he has that chance saturday, 

I sincerely hopes that he is given the respect he earned while he was a canary by the whole of Carrow Road; before the game plus even after as he leaves the pitch, but during that 90 or so minutes he is nothing more than any other opposition player,  and I am sure he would not want it any other way.

I would not be against Neil Adams bringing the guy back as a bit part player, his leadership, fight and passion is solely missing..  Just like Iwan and Malkay were not replaced by Nigel Worthington when he guided us to promotion, The Grant Holt type of player  has not been replaced by either Hughton or Adams.. 

Perhaps Holt is the last of a dying breed....the game is a sadder place without them.


Good Luck, Holty in whatever you do for the rest of your playing time and what the furture holds for you.. but above all Thank You for being in my team



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