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Gutted and Still Down This Morning.

Where on earth does anybody start to explain how they are feeling the day after a massive slice of hope was flushed down the pan.  But there is still a little hope left to cling to, but a too big a chunk of this is left to lady luck and other teams, a position which isn't good to be in.

We have let opportunity after opportunity go by, games where we really should have had points have slipped by with just about eveybody saying  "O well there is so and so coming up we have got to win that one" always looking to the next one, sadly there isn't endless games; the list of who left is about to run out.

Yesterday was a massive game that we NEEDED TO, and SHOULD have won or at the very least acceptable a draw.  Now it all hinges on the WBA game and hope above all that others slip up.  Can anyone really put their hands on their heart and say they expect City to get something at Manchester City., I think we can almost discount that game.

I have been worried all season by our lack of creativity and goals, Hughton has harped on about this over the season and seemingly has done very little to address the problem.  It was there as clear as the nose on your face during the friendly games, that this would be a problem if left......but it isn't always wise to read too much into that type of game.  But never the less the problems were ther and now at the other end of the season are still there..

Hughton's answer is to play a solitary striker who was often cut off from his team mates, while the rest of the team was charged with defending, something that often didn't work either.  He tried to address the problem during January by seemingly chasing a player who was playing in what has become a one team league.

  Then  to bring in two players,  one who was perhaps used in the deal,  more to off load a player than for his own skills. The other straight from the MLS,  who in truth was always going to struggle in the Premier League and a relegation Cauldron to boot.    Such a gamble and one that hasn't worked as many expected except those managing our club.

People moan and groan about Holt not scoring along with a hundred and one other things,  but there is always another side to any story..  If I say Silk Purse may help.  

We know the players in the squad are limited in what they can do when compared to what mega bucks can buy.  But they are honest, solid and dependable players and have done their level best for this club and it's fans. I still believe they are good enough to hold their own. 

Hughton & Co are supposed to know their players, if after nearly a season they still don't, then they are in the wrong business; but I know and many more of you the reader, knows that you cannot get a silk purse out of a sow's ear.   Why has he continued game after game to squeeze players into mould they clearly don't fit ,  still bewilders me, if  that isn't enough he has no other plan or he leaves it until we are almost dead and buried in the game to even make a player change.  

Doesn't the amount of wins we have in 2013,  tell him there is something not working and changes are needed ?

There is one game left where we have a realistic chance of getting something from that will get us over the 40 point line, which may not be enough, leaving us then to sit back and use whatever ever lucky charm we put faith in to make us safe. 

It really should not have come to this.

Our greatest moments at home came against two top teams, while the teams we should have taken points from escaped with some, that;s why we are where we are today, looking in the void that is the championship.   We shot ourselves in the foot somewhat yesterday, Villa weren't  that good surprisingly after hammering Sunderland, but good enough to hold on and beat us.

Lambert got it right yesterday, his players stuck to their game plan and it worked, it wasn't some secret new tactic but it might have been to our management team as they had no answer to it.  We dominated for long periods playing some very good football, but with no end result; which is what I mentioned earlier has been the problem from day one. Caught on a fast break once should be enough, but to get caught twice by the same player, is nowhere near good enough.

I am not going to point fingers at players for mistakes or not doing something they should have, that happens in just about every game of football that is played at any level.   But I will question again the changes yesterday along with timing once again;   Hoolahan was about the only one who could have done something to turn it round to our favour, yet he is taken off for a below standard player who really isn't a striker and is packing his bags to return to the States. 

While our own strikers sit in the stands or on the bench not getting any game time not being match fit, it was pretty clear Kamra wasn't the answer, yet he has been persisted with ahead of our own strikers.

Then what on earth was the Jackson change about  Desperation or to be seen as doing something?   I always thought the winning team made changes during added time to help run the clock down,  a side chasing the game normally makes the changes with more time to go to give the players more of a chance to get in and make an impact. 

But that hasn't been the Hughton way all season and again something else that hasn't changed despite the plight we are in  Desperate times call for Desperate measures, but what do we see the same old same old.

We saw that when the players decide to take matters into their own hands a litle  and go for the win it can work; I am thinking of the  Everton game.   Hughton said after that game that he was undecided whether to shut up and hang onto the point,  but the players had other ideas. 

They know what they can do better than anyone else, but  I do believe we seeing frustration in the players faces, let them loose and have a go, If we are going to go down let's for christ sake go down fighting not seeking meeky behind a defensive wall.

 We along with others have rang the warning bells many times over the season, we had many arguments on  over everything , battle lines have been formed and as classed  +Positives and -Negatives, but that really can achieve little only lose or weaken friendships.

 We can argue the toss until we turn green and yellow in the face.  The fact of the matter we are where we are not by choice,  we have one chance left where we have a modicum of say in proceedings, we can do no more than sing, shout and make a lot of fecking noise, and hope to flcuk they can do it.

****Hopefully the club and local newspapers will see the fans of Norwich City do not need a false whipping up, a parade of old stars and bloody clapper things used as an advertising gimmick, to get us going.

We have been termed fantastic supporters for years, we have lifted the roof off Carrow Road and other stadiums over the country.  All without this false whipped up stuff.

If you cannot see and agree, then all what has been said has been false

Please leave it the Fans they have never let any Norwich City team down who are fighting







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