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Hamper Scam

If anyone doubts footballers are paid too much money the next little story proves that and that many not be the sharpest points in the needle pack.

Get this a man turns up at West Ham's training ground, and offers Fortnum & Mason hampers and Harrods cheaper rates.  Big Sam and Andy Carroll shelled out £11k   and of course he was never seen again.

If that wasn't bad enough the con man travelled up the M11 to Colney and got  some City players wanting a bargain dipped in their pockets and gave the man £5k  with the same result he went. 

Just who the City players are the Mirror and Sun do not say, perhaps they are hiding rather Red Faced explaining to the Mrs why money has gone missing with nothing to show for it.

Ok it is not funny really, but honestly who in their right mind shells out thousands of pounds(£) to someone who drops into a training ground,  perhaps had he been driving a Yellow Reliant Robin....  they would have thought twice. More Money that Sense seems about right


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