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Have we found our new right back?

It certainly looks like Alex Neil might think so

With Russel Martin's stated preference for playing centre back we would appear to be someone light at RB with on paper only Steven Whittaker to chose from, which is never good news as he always seems prone to picking up the odd knock here and there and drifting in and out of form (although to date under AN he has dared yet!)

Step up Elliott Bennett

Clearly AN has been listening to the terraces - note to Glenn Roder ignore them at your peril

There has been talk amongst us all for a couple of years now that EB might make a good right back, and after his nasty knee injury he seemed to lose a little bit of 'something' on the wing that has made him just that bit less effective there, even when he had a spell on loan at Brighton (before anyone says we don't know how to get the best out of attackers)

However after covering there for one game under 'Hoots' he was called upon to play at right back again by AN last season when Whittaker was unavailable and did a good job, enough so that there were questions being asked if Whittaker would get straight back in even though he was in some of the best form we have seen from him at City at the time.

Now we are three games into pre season, and that is three more games that EB has lined up at right back, and three times he has done as well, or better than the more experienced Whittaker, the question now in my eyes - is Alex Neil brave enough to start him in that position in the Premiership this season?

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