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Have We Not Been Here Before

Looking at the current plight of our beloved club I cannot help thing this is reminiscent of what happened a few short seasons ago.

City legend Bryan Gunn made a pitch for the hot seat assembled his back room team and won, failing to keep the club afloat in the Championship after many games,  Yet he was still given post to carry on in the job the next season in League One.

Neil Adams was given the job of keeping us in the Premier League but failed, but has been given the job of managing in the Championship.  (Only difference he had higher opposition and less game but the points needed was small)

On both accounts things have gone very wrong, Gunny was dispatched  quite quickly after the opening day debacle, yet we are now witnessing under Adams, that things are going equally as wrong,  defeats, lack lustre performances, with many players who were playing in the premier league last season.

Why is not David McNally not acting like he once did,   Just as Gunn was, Hughton was allowed to continue and now Adams is being allowed to continue, while what is happening on the pitch is very similar.  Has he had his teeth taken out. 

Are McNally's hands now tied behind his back ?   Has the power he once weilded been watered down or taken away ?   We all know Delia is very loyal to her managers, even to the point of nearing disaster for the club. 

Is she now being to loyal to Neil Adams ? 

  I am not saying give the job to Mike Phelan either , no disrespects to him, he is just another ex player with no managerial experience ....

Nothing appears to have been learned from the many past mistakes, that lead our club to one of the lowest points in  the clubs history:   yet these same people are doing it yet again.

  Am I wrong in thinking that  the current scenario could be heading the same way.  ?

Something now needs to be done before it is too late. 


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