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Here Go

Well here we go, the eve of the big kick off,  time seems to have past very quickly this year. or could be because I am getting older.   There has been mostly talk this close season, about who is leaving and very little about who is coming in, so far it has only been Snodgrass who left.   Good news that Wes and Ryan Bennett have signed new deals, now today I see Neil Adams is trying to get Surman to do the same; this would be another god move. 

Many fans are still undecided over Neil Adams and his backroom team,  I am prepared to give them a good go, things have started to look a lot more positive over the close season, that now must be translated over to the pitch. To say we need to hit the ground running is rather a silly thing to say, I see no reason why that would not be expected any other season.  Perhaps it would be better to that it is all the more important this time.

Wolves will stil be in the feel good factor after winning League One, remember how we felt when we achieved that feat;  I would hate to say that City could still be under a cloud following relegation, but I do believe Adams & Co have done their best to clear those away and instill a new breed of confidence.  But still a good start is essential, those fans who have doubts over the set up etc,  will not take long to start the "we told you so"    and the pressure will start to mount even more, not only on the managerial set up but it will reflect in the players to.  

It is something that will only serve to make matter worse, players will become jittery, scared to try things, lose confidence and before you know you have slipped down the table and fighting for survival, when I believe we should be fighting for exactly the opposite.

What is needed despite our personal feelings are on the manager. the  board or players, is a united, one voice support backing the whole club,  not many teams have bounced straight back up, let's do our bit to make sure Norwich City is another one who has achieved that leap.

Lets go and spoil their opening championship party....Molineux has never been a particually friendly place to visit but we can help make it a litle less friendlier with 3 points.  Cardiff have kicked off with a draw at Blackburn, let's go two better.

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