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Holt and Hooper Follow-On

I have been  informed that talksport possibily got that Grant Holt could be used in any deal to bring Gary Hooper to Carrow Road. from a Question & Answer session on social media site twitter.

Holt was asked:   Would you welcome a move to Celtic if Norwich offered you in part of a money + player deal?”

To which he replied:  "Could not comment on that"

So it seems talksport based their whole scenario of this one simple hypothetical question.  I am not saying that this could not happen, just it seems a little less likely.

Reports in London claim that Spurs are considering entering the bidding for Hooper while Newcastle and QPR are monitoring, but to be honest QPR monitor everything that can kick a ball.

  I heard that they even were going to put an offer in for a postman, because Harry heard his deliveries were good into the box

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