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Holt to Meet McNally Over "Other Issues"

It is good to see that Grant Holt is to have a meeting with CEO David McNally this afternoon, sadly his agent has to be involved.

The agent  Lee Payne, said on Radio Norfolk,  that his players shock transfer request was not prompted by a row over wages. 

He went on to say:  other issues had arisen “in the past couple of months” which had prompted Holt’s decision, he stressed that Holt did not want to leave the club.

Exactly what these issues are we are not privy to, but I do feel that Holt has gone about things in a strange way, why not simply talk it through first and then if whatever it is cannot be resolved to his satisfaction, he can then submit his transfer request.

This now opens the issue  to even more guess work and twisting of the facts by the national media, if there are any false stories being published over this, then he has nobody to blame but himself.

I have my own personal opinion as to what this is this about, but I will keep them to myself, there has been far too much speculation already.


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