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Holt's Agent - The Club Need To Answer.

I know things are probably a little hetic at the club right, with David McNally being perhaps the busiest of the lot, but I would really like to see his response  to Grant Holt's agent latest Radio Show.

All we keep hearing is that Grant Holt is not for Sale, to be honest that is what I would expect to hear, without this falling out.

Somethings where said in that interview that do leave question marks over certain areas of the dealings with the player.  I realise that some details must be left out due to personal issues, but there are things that need an answer.

We are not talking about an little known player, he is probably one of the most popular players for a mighty long time, certainly one to make an impact, three time player of the season, leading goal scorer for 3 seasons and general all round Tailisman.

I really do believe that accusations need an answer, let's have a light shone on these dark areas. After all our season ticket rebate was used to purchase Holt.

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