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Holty Hits Back at Setanta....

Grant Holt has hit back at Setanta Sports over a story they carried saying that he was unhappy over team mate Andrew Surman's new contract. 

In fact posted on Twitter just the opposite to Setanta's claims.

Holt tweeted

"Well done to Surs on his new deal,” . “Well deserved, done great the last two years for Norwich, great lad too.”

And as you would expect Holt's agent Lee Payne had to get in on the act, saying

: “We don’t get ourselves involved in other players’ deals.

“There is a comment on Grant’s Twitter about Andrew Surman which is very, very complimentary.”


I don't have a great deal of sympathy for Holt or his agent, after they have conducted some of thier dealings with City in the public domain, laying themselves open to the media writing stuff like setanta did.  They are expereinced enough to know what certain facets of the national media are like, if they don't by now they never will.

As a supporter who quite simply loved Grant Holt and what he gives the team, I am sick and bloody tired of all the hanging about  uncertainty and stalemate of this issue.  I can see from posts on our forum , this issue has divided  City fans into differing camps.  Which leaves me wondering  if there is a way back for Holty in the minds of some of the yellow army, has this gone on to long for many to forgive and forget ?

Many are worrying if this standoff will have an adverse effect on the dressing room, will players want to play alongside him, knowing he isn't at all happy at the club ?   Will he give his "all" if forced to stay ?    We don't need all this uncertainty  at anytime, least with a new season drawing closer.

Isn't time for all parties to get together and sort this out  like  ADULTS. 

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