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Hoolahan-gate...Get it Sorted Sooner Rather Than

The soap opera that has developed over Wes Hoolahan, took another nastier turn yesterday with the player telling a sky present that City was a F****** S*** House of a club.

I am sure that Hoolahan's comments have come from frustrations, of not playing, Not being allowed to leave, also we do not know for sure what has been said behind closed doors. Many times players are gagged by clubs, but Hoolahan has not gone public with his views,  the sky cameraman can be thanked for that slipping out.

Hoolahan was only too happy to sign a contract earlier and stated he was very happy to do so, what has gone so terribly wrong, I feel it is a little more than simply not getting into the first team, he has been through that little scenario many times in his career, even under Lambert who was going to sell the little feller on, in his early days after taking over at Carrow Road.

I agree our ex manager playing games in the press has not helped anybody, clearly an early way of trying to unsettle and get a message to the player.  But just what has gone on and been said we will probably never know and should surmise or post silly rumours.

I can understand some of Hoolahan's frustrations, having been frozen out of his national side by the previous manager, he know finds a far more exciting set up in Dublin,  now he isn't being played anywhere near enough. He has sat and watched like many of us games come and go which have been crying out of desperation for his genius.  But he has not been given that stage, he turned in a Man of the Match show against Manchester Utd,  but that did him no good what so ever.

I believe that there are not many supporters and people at the club who disagree that Hoolahan is one of, if not the most gifted football on the books right now.  His name would be one of the first names on the team list with many managers, but seemingly not with our cautious manager.  Holding comes first and formost, attacking comes a poor second or third.

Can Hoolahan be forgiven, of course he can, I know I could right now,  even more if we were in pocession of all the facts. can the rest of the yellow army ?   I am almost sure they could as soon as he started weaving his magic.

But whether our manager and rest of the powers at the club can, is another matter, and one I will not comment too much on.

All I know our team is struggling like hell to be creative and score goals, our manager appears to not know what else to try or even has another plan in his arsenal.  There player is on the books that can make a difference and is not being used to the full effect.   If Hoolahan is staying at City, whether by choice or force, then this situation must be resolved, and as soon as darn possible.

I fully understand that the struggles we are witness has a marked effect on all the players, Snodgrass made his feelings known to the Snake Pit the other evening, I can only remember once before;  when Andy Hughes was going to give a supporter in the Main Stand,  perhaps more than a piece of his mind.  This is Norwich City and we have seen countless seasons of struggles. So why now when the club sits proudly in 12th place in the best league in Europe; is there unrest and frustration in the camp ? 

Perhaps,  the holding, cautious, the often predictable and boring football that is being coached has a part to play.  That's another argument.



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