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Hope the Grapevine is wrong this time

Rob Shepherd, who writes The Football Grapevine on the Mail online, has suggested that City are interested in former skipper Malky Mackay if Chris Hughton leaves.

While this may be good news to many City supporters,  I must admit to having more than a little fear over such an appointment, before you all jump on me, I suggest that you take as few moments to think back to City's game with Cardiff when Malky was still steering the ship.   How many buses did you see parked in the Cardif penalty area ?   Although we peppered them and we did,  they still held on for a point.  Yea David Marshall had a blinder and he he did in the recent game in Wales, but that is is job.

I loved Malky as a player, and thought he was harshly treated here under Worthington,  you would believe he has been treated shabbily again down at Cardiff,   yes the chairman is a strange man and one I am glad is not in charge at our club.  Stories and rumours always have two sides, I read in their local media that not everyone was taken with some of Malky's signings, tactics etc.  So perhaps his dismissal was not all one sided and the result of a loonie chairman.   Do a search for the articles on Wales on line.. They are there.

I would see Malky being installed as new manager as semi-sideways with a little bit of backward step.  He is not the man for the job at this precise time, the job calls for much more than Malky has learned yet.  Hughton has in my mind done a reasonable job od assembling a good squad, but has little idea of how to get the best out of them. Confidence looks to be at a very low point, which is hardly surprising given the run of bad results plus a management team that cannot seemingly  lift the players for longer than a do or die game.  Tactics and substitutions are sometimes very strange to say the least,  the players after over half a season do not still appear to know much about each others style. 

Is this the state of a team that a comparatively still wet behind the ears manager can handle or should be brought into ?

I personally do not think so,  I fear if we do we could be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I have nothing against Malky what so ever, I think he will become a decent manager after a few more years experience, but right now neither he or the club is ready for such a gamble. 

  I do find it interesting that Malky has not been offered a job anywhere as yet, he was hotly tipped to move to the Hawthorns, but WBA went totally a different route in their appointment, Fulham have come and gone with perhaps two managers, ( not sure on the timing of the first scalp..Jol)   Also no championship club has taken him on either. 

The old saying has a certain amount of rightness (sorry it did seem to sound right) about it,   Be Careful about what you wish for. 





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