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How Quick We Forget

I am a little gobsmacked by the attitude of many supporters,  I am not picking on anyone personally what so ever.  I include media  pundits along with the ordinary Supporters.

We were relegated last season after two seasons of what many have termed negative, boring football with a manager I personally never wanted.  Players were being choked by the ideals of the coaching set up.  It was an almost forgone conclusion that we would go down after the board sat on their elbows with their thumbs up their jaxis, when action was needed.

Now the board have given the job to a man who is passionate for the club, has qualifications but lacks the experience, the previous manager, had the experience and qualifications and very little passion for the club only the need to keep himself employed.

We are pushing at the top of the league even leading the charge,  the other two clubs who came down with us are struggling like hell,   yet I hear a lot of moaning and groaning, not scoring enough first half goal, stikers not firing, defenders and goalkeeper slipping up.

What do people want ?    if we were losing games hand over fist then yea have a good moan,   OK we have dropped a few home points,  so have Forest, Wolves and others,   it is so tight at the top half.   We won't runaway at a canter as ex players shout about.

We have a mindset of win every game and if you cannot win,  don't lose it,  much the same as Lambert's ideals,  he had slip up after slip up. no buggar was moaning or complaining so much then.

I personally am not worried in the slightest, when we score goals first minute or last (Lambert's teams made a habit of snatching games near the final whistle)   After watching game after game of creating nothing, registering hardly one or two shots on target,  what we are witnessing now is heaven,  a little more luck and we would have 3 goals at least each of the last two games. 

We are not defending a deficit or playing at damage limitation, we are out playing teams, with a  little more luck, and composure it would have been so different.
Some buggar will be on the end of a right thrashing soon,  yes Adams needs to work out different ways, but when we are attacking and creating chances,  it is bloody hard to see how different things can be done..... Lambert's teams were much the same, only Lambert had more experience and more experience alongside him.

Give them some time,  and enjoy what we are getting served could be much worse ask Cardiff and Fulham supporters

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