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How Snatch a Draw from the Jaws of Victory

It is getting a little better,  City's last game against Forest saw them Snatch a defeat from the jaws of Victory , yesterdays game saw a little improvement with snatching a draw.   In a game which was not a classic both sides conjured up 6 goals,  I suppose there are positives to take if looking from the Yellow side.  Three goals scored at home is normally enough to secure the points, negative to concede in such a sloppy manner is the biggest problem facing Adams, Holt and new man Phelan when he starts. If he saw yesterdays effort he will know that he will need all his know how and experience to sort this shoddy mess out.

I don't think we can blame Adams,  totally the players have to take a large chunk of the blame,   many of us supporters shouted the odds about Russell Martin moving to right back and using one of the three cenral defenders in the squad to partner Turner. But in these last two games we have had just that, Martin moving back to what many see as his best position and two (Ceullar & Hoolveld) of the three defenders being drafted in.    In those two games we have conceded 5 goals and picked up one point.

So fair play to Adams he made the changes we were all shouting for yet still the troubles persist, he has two midfielders defending the back line in Johnson and Tettey.  I don't see a lot wrong with his set up there.  

I do wonder about his constant use of Lewis Grabban,  from what I have seen of him I have not been that impressed, he control is not that good, his timing is no better than mine and his decision making is poor.   I am wondering how he scored so many goals.  A friend in London who saw Grabban play at Millwall and Brentford and thought he was no more than an average League 1 and Two player and no more. Looking at his record would bear that out, he has has one good season at Bournemouth and the rest is average.   It looked odds on he would be heading to Wales and Cardiff after they trigger the release clause amount,  they lost interest for some reason and in jumps City;  I would have much preferred Callum Wilson but he selected Grabban's old club when offered  the choice

Adams has Gary Hooper sitting on the bench week in week out,  this guy has one of the best scoring records at whatever club he has been at, except Norwich. That isn't his fault one bit last season was down to the way he was played and this season injury and lack of chances.  hy is he not being used ?   Is it personal thing between manager and player. Is he not wanting to play ?    Whatever it is it needs sorting and NOW.    Pairing Hooper and Jerome for me would be a classic big man little man, which has been used for years with success and looking back over the teams who have recently been promoted many used that type of pairing.    Get them together in training let them bloody sleep together if it needs be.

I feel Adams is trying to run before he can walk, stop meddling and tweeking, get a settled side as much as possible, especially in midfield, he has  tinkered his team game in game out, changed the set up as much as his underwear.  He is not experienced enough to try squad rotation. This is the championship not the premiership; it is often said you have to kick and battle your way out. 

I do not see any of those two things in abundance in the teams he has put out. 

I hate the question or the suggestion of "Are the players playing for the manager" ?      We have heard the usual mouthpieces from the squad saying the right things probably prepared for them by the media team.  so what are we to believe ? We can only gleen from the small part we see for 90 minutes  and it is not looking that together to me.

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