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How will Adams Handle The Next Game after last Night's shambles

After last night's no show and resulting hammering, City have to face another team who started the season in the fast lane and like City have slumped recently, Nottingham Forest.

I will be hoping to see a marked improvement from the players, but it is worrying when a player tweets that the Middlesbro players wanted it more, what a damming statement, the opposition wants to win more, I question the whole City team's motivation for this game.

I also hope to see improvement from the Niel Adams too if he cannot ra0lly and motivate his troops after a ha0mmering defeat, then I will start to have serious concerns whether he and 0his management set up have the right credentials needed to take us out of this division. 

For several weeks now he has continued to play a recognised full back in the centre back position while leaving 3 recognised centre backs sitting on the bench or in the stands.   It is understood that the player has made it known, that the centre back is his favoured position.  I hope that this is not a case of a player being allowed to have to have his own way, Martin is a full back and a very good one and that is where his best position is.  It isn;t as if we have no specalist and experienced centre backs in the squad nor do we have serious injuries making it vital Martin plays there.

  Whittaker has looked out of sorts for a couple of games, so much so Middlesbro were not the first team to highlight and concentrate attacks down that side, but again this has not been picked up or addressed.   Redmond is a major player for City and a terrifying weapon  to have,  but opposing managers know handle Redmond and you can seriously limit City.

Elliot Bennett a player who is good at attacking and bloody brilliant helping his defender out has been allowed to leave on loan to  "Get Game Time"     Funny that he was not considered in need of game time for Brighton, straight in for last nights game,  repaid that with helping to set up Brighton's winner and then received glowing praise from his new manager Sami Hypia.

Benno would be the better option to have in the team, for going forward and for helping to strengthen what is the weak side of the team.

As I said earlier in this ramble if Adams & Co cannot lift, motivate and come up with some answers in saturdays's game then questions will need to asked at the highest level at Carrow Road. One of the marks of a good manager is how he deals with things that a big morale sapping defeat brings to his team.

All eyes will be watching more closely on saturday,  Adams and his team have heaped more pressure on themselves


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