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Hughton is frustrated. Tell the Fans about It

This seems to be a repeating story,  one that looks will continue to dog the Hughton era  "Another Chance Missed"  after last week's mauling at the hands of the old boss,  we all looked forward to the Stoke game, which took on the mantle of another Must Win Game

We have come out from these must win games with a far better performence along with the most valuable thing, "3" points, but yesterday it was all a bridge too far

To say we were the culprits of our own downfall may just be a bit of an understatement yet again. No real chances were carved out,  no presence in the opposition area,  a lot of prodding and poking much huff and puff but nothing that could be termed dangerous to cause the Stoke back line to worry.

Redmond had a bright start and had the beating of his full back time and time again but no real end result. RVW put in another workman like effort with his back more often to goal,  bit inside the box nothing really to speak of.   Hoolahan having a very good game and if anyone was going to pick the lock it would be him,  but sadly " hanging on to what we have got" came into play once again and off Wes went.    Don't get me wrong I rate Howson very highly and cannot wait until he is deemed fit enough for a start.  It  was clear Hoolahan was sacrificed for Howson's defensive quailities, had it worked we would not be moaning this morning; but as in the past it has proved to be our undoing  Personally thought it was far too early to try and consolidate trying to hold on to what we had, as it turned out yet again

The premier league is a dangerous place to try and play that type of game especially with a defence that are prone to mind lapse's  if a picture of how to play that way was needed. Look no further than Stoke, who  were able to wth stand what City threw at them, which in truth wasn't that much. No pumping balls into the box, no hammering the door down. , as most teams would have done. 

Yes the penalty was as soft as they come and Guidetti certainly made a 3 course meal of it, but Bassong should have never ever needed to act like the that, that will be another question mark over the big guys head, hot on the heels of mistakes last weekend.

There are many things that could be said about missed opportunity's, lack of a cutting edge, but to be perfectly honest it is all old hat,  it has been a hallmark of this regime, just the names have changed.  For Grant Holt read Gary Hooper, fot Jackson and Morrison  read Ricky Van Wolfwinkel,   they all add up to a megre goal tally,  the common denominator .this Management Setup.


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