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I Support Norwich City & Chris Hughton NOW !

I don't know about anyone else, but I am sick to the back teeth of reading what Paul Lambert is going to do next, either come back after our players or continue chasing the targets he wanted while here.  I expect it from the national media, they always write anything that could sound remotely feasible. but when the local media keep harping on about Lambert; I get a little cheesed off and stop buying their papers.   

Personally I hope Lambert is kicking himself for not waiting a little while longer before jumping ship -- and don't particually care who or  what player/s he wants now. 

We have moved on, the club and their supporters, we have Chris Hughton, who I believe will turn out to be even better,   I want to read about our manager not someone else's, I want to support Our Manager and not read about an ex-manager.

So why do the local press think that City Supporters want to read about his transfers etc,  he is an opposition manager...Now

It only serves to bring that bitter taste to the mouths again of the thousands of City fans who felt let down by the man  who said he loves being at Norwich one day,  but leaves almost the next

As to the players if any of them don't want to pull the Green and Yellow shirt on again after at least talking with Hughton, then get the hell out of Norfolk and Lambert is welcome to them, but at this club's valuation not his or Villa's  as we have seen they will use whatever they can to wiggle out of paying any money.

If Lambert wants any of his old players, then why the hell didn't he stay here and manage them.




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