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In Support of Ryan Bennett

So the cob webs were cleared enough for the FA to charge City's Ryan Bennett with misconduct for a seemingly harmless post on Twitter. 

Inanswer for abuse he received from Arsenal supporters Bennett replied:   “I’ll finish you in a couple of seconds.”

I must admit to finding this the absolutly crazy,  players can almost maim each other on the field of play and nothing get's done.

Player's can use twitter as a way being available for the fans, one of which I am sure many fans appreciate and use sensibilty, communicating with players is a new thing and one in general works fine, something that we have never had.

But it is the mindless morons who trawl the networking site to find players from other clubs to abuse; players are no different to anyone else and will respond accordingly to abuse and insult they are subjected to; and why shouldn't they in some part on the network site .

Bennett's  tweet cannot be called abusive or insulting in any way, I would take that as nothing more than Banter.  I have received 100% worse from opposition fans even some of our own fans too.

Now that is another player that the fans fans will not be able to have a laugh and generaly talk with to and with, because of some moron, from the same club that knocked out a City Supporter in their ground during the recent match.

It is a right load of of old bollards, time should be spent by the FA in sorting out more serious matters, like Racism which still rears it's ugly head, or players acting like trainee vampires.

We all at carroworoad support Ryan and hope that he can rise above this


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