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Is Limping From Game to Game... Enough ?

Well here we are again, after a little high spot back down to earth with another away defeat,  true the scoreline was a lot more respectable this time.  But the end result the same more goals against and no points. perhaps damage limitation is part of Hughton's plan for away games I don't know, but that will not work in this league.

I personally have seen and heard enough from this management set up, we simply appear to be limping from game to game, with the odd high point thrown in.  Enough is enough I am sure that there are thousands of the Yellow faithfull who want and expect much more from their team.  I feel Hughton has had long enough to sort out in his mind his best 11 and subs and get them playing to their best. But looking in on proceedings weekly it looks far from that.

We see much the same as we saw last season, no plan B. .No thinking on the feet, No idea of how to change things when it isn't working.  Still persisting with strikers week after week who have forgot where the net is, while another sits either in the stands or on the bench.  Hell he cannot do any worse than what is supposed to be ahead of him, at least he knows how 3 of the team play after spending seasons with them elsewhere.

Now just waiting for the imortal words once again.. "We are looking for a response"    I have lost count of the times I have heard this from this current regime.

I am sorry but for me enough is enough. this is not progression....It is simply another masterclass in mediocrity

Is Limping from game to game enough..?  Of course it isn't but that is what we are getting



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