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Is Mackay The Right Fit ? While Tetty Isn't Against Leaving... The Door is over There

As we all wait to see who will be unveiled as the next manager, many tipsters and those proclaiming to know something all point to Malky Mackay . Local lad and Sunday Sun reporter Charlie Wyatt writes that Mackay will be shown off this week, Wyatt also stated earlier that Celtic's Neil Lennon was not in the running.

I have concerns about Mackay, he wasn't noted for careful transfers or attacking football, the Norwich Way as has been suggested any new manager must adhere to.  I have no beef with the big man, he was a great servant to the club and was unlucky not to get a shot at the premiership as a player with City.

But I am simply not convinced he is the right fit for City at present,  it will be new ground for him taking on a side that just dropped down a league,  it is not as if these players were really fighting, many of them had, had their confidences hammered by the last regime.   Simply I think somebody with a little more experience is needed, somebody who can build players into a confident attacking and defending unit.  Does that sound like Mackay to You ?

I am worried it could be a case of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, and that is the last thing in the world the club and fans can handle so soon.   The Board do not have a good record of appointing the right fit, only really getting one right over the last few years.  Not a lot,  any of us can do about it, except get behind the club when we start the real Business.

I read that Alex Tetty would not be against moving away from the club following this relegation, clever chap waits until he is  out of the County, playing with his national side. Great work Alex  just what all of us want to hear.   Being perfectly honest,  I do wonder if it is a case of thinking himself a little better than he actually is.    He isn't a Robert Snodgrass is he,  Rat and Ship come to mind.    

Talking about players leaving, I surprised myself the other day when looking through the squad that I will be less disappointed than normal, at who could leave....   So step forward another " It Could have been You Sammy"  " The other Marshall"  but being kind,  he played a blinder for Cardiff many times last season.   Had he stayed with City he would have had a little longer on the big stage.  

I would rather have a player with the passion and fight of Bradley Johnson  than someone is looking to get away faster than when he came here.  True Johnson may not be a skilfull as some, but he makes up for a lot of that with honest passion and willingness to run through a brick wall....

We know the type we need now.  



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