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Is this a Poor Record ?

While the debate of Hughton In or Out rages on .  We have reached the half way point of the season 19 games played.  we decided to look at Hughton's record again  over a season long 38 games,  The last 19 from last season and this season's 19. 

Played 38 league games

Last Season:  Played 19    Won  4    Draw 7   Lost  8       19 points

This  Season: Played  19    Won  5   Draw 4   Lost  10      19 points

Goals  For & Against

Last Season: against  30    This Season:  against  33    Total from 38 games   Goals Againt  63

Last Season: For  21            This Season For 16             Total from 38 games    Goals For     37

Goal Difference of Minus  26

The final table would read like this

Total   Played 38   ...Won 9....Draw 11   Lost 18.   Goals For 37   Goal Against   63   Points 38   GD -26

We would not have been relegated, but it would have been darn well close a lot of sweating, wringing of hands and worry. Not a disaster but then given the last 19 games have the new improved squad makes it all the more harder to take.

This is supposed to be  progression,  a forward movement  I may be just an average supporter who thinks he may know best.   But that growth doesn't look that impressive to me, when held against the outlay.

Stats often can be bent and twisted to suit a persons view point ,  I have just tried to show what is open to everybody to find on the net, for me it isn't only about the stats it is also about the style of play,  the consistency, the way a manager reacts the way players react and so on.  

  I certainly see no difference what so ever , if anything given that the squad has improved in quaility,  the record for the period covering  those 19 games is worse,  we have drawn fewer games, winning one more but the biggest increase is in the amount lost,........a pretty poor return for a supposed £25 million outlay.

Make your own minds up, mine isn't fully set in concrete, one minute it is,  then the next it changes.  I ask myself a few questions when I get split:  Ask yourself, your  own questions and see what you come up with.

For Me

Are you seeing better football ?  Are the results Improving ?   Are we seeing a growth ?   Am I satisfied with what I am seeing ?    

I answer NO to all   then it is Hughton Out for me.


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