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It Has Come Home

I don't know where to start in some ways what to say, only it has finally happened, Just about everything bad about City;s way form has hit the fan at Home. 

Deep deep down I have been dreading this, trying to push those thoughts away ., but it had to happen now perhaps some people who matter will see just how far this team has slid, they can no longer lift themselves for a home game against one our our rivals,  where three points would just about have meant we were safe.  

I and many others have been saying the teams confidence is ebbing away faster than a tide at Yarmouth, for quite a while, but there was always a home game on the horizon that lifted the spirits and silenced us Soothsayers.  

Hughton's  "Get out of Jail cards" have ran out, it is now down to Lady Luck,  I wish I could add, we have the motivation, knowledge and Skill of the management to help, but that is sadly not there if it was I am sure we would not be looking like a team with the stink of relegation about them.    Many will have us believe this is all down to Chris Hughton & Co,  it is easy to point the finger at him being the manager but the players have a share of the responsibility  for this predicament.  When they cross that white line a vast amount of the responsibility shifts onto their shoulders,  they have been found wanting also.  

I thought it was interesting yesterday when being interviewed by Chris Goreham for Radio Norfolk, Hughton was asked "If the Players carried out his instructions"     Hughton took on the mantle of an MP in avoiding actually answering the question instead going round the houses to lose sight of what was asked.    For me he tried to hide a problem but in doing so more or less hightlighted that there was one.

He said something or other about having a game plan for each and every game,  clearly the game plans are not good enough 98% of the time and/or the players fail to understand or to carry them out.  Or a big dollop of each.  Take your pick

Yesterday evening I would easily have Hughton, Caulderwood and Trollope clamped in irons and hung from the Castle battlements on one side and players on the the other three sides. 

Now I do feel a little different it isn't as if we can suddenly stop the season, pick up our ball and go home, these people have to see us through, and I am at a loss to see why they don't appear to be fighting for thier premiership lives, I hope that these players are not kidding themselves that they can always move on.  There will not be a large line of clubs with cheque books ready,  there will be very few players who will be interesting other managers, probably Nathan Redmond will top the tree.

Hughton will always get another job, but  his credentials for being a Premier League manager have taken a large hit, but with his record of just 18 wins in 71 league games will put some chairman off,  But football is a crazy, crazy world, up and down the leagues you will find  managers who seemingly constantly fail, but end up being given another club to fail at.

We do still have a little cushion between us and relegation spots, but honestly  hand on heart  I don't have the faith to see where anymore points are coming from, it wasn't just yesterday's display as that has been the normal for our away day army of yellow.   The team look totally lost, with no leadership, no larger  than life character, like a Huckerby, a Dublin a Roberts or a Duncan Forbes, to take them by the scruff of the neck and haul them over the line: instead the look like their manager ...lost, bland and grey.  

I hope that they prove me wrong in all ways...but I won't be holding my breath








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