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It Was a Save..Not a Miss You Muppets !

I said yesterday that all the talk and headlines will be how Taarabt missed the penalty. and I wasn't proved wrong, MotD was no exception ,but then do we expect compliments from that shower isn't;  about time the BBC went back to just having the games screened and stop paying inflated wages to these over opinionated old has beens .

Still those watching on TV, laptops and at the ground know only full well how good Bunn's save was, it was a tremendous dive to get that close to the bottom of the post, Taarabt had gone for placement, it wasn't so many seasons ago when the experts considered a penalty like that  was almost unsavable.

it shows just how surpurbly fit goalkeepers are, they may not take part in the squad training running around the field etc, but theirs is especially geared for them and we are seeing the benefits of  hours of hard work.  That isn't the first penalty Bunn has saved in his short time at City, it is starting to show why Chris Hughton chased him and bought him in.

He has had his critics,  he didn't totally instill me with confidence when he took over from Ruddy, but thinking back when Ruddy came in he followed a hard act in Forster, who he was compared against and many found wanting buy many. Now look at him since he has grown into one of the best keepers in the Country and received International recognition.    

So Bunn still has to be allowed that time to settle,  he has to be on his toes even more with Camp in the squad and that can only be good for the team.  I believe we are starting to witness the value of having two experienced keepers in the squad, Bunn has upped his game no end we see a glimpse of what a very good keeper Bunn is, for sure there is more to come.

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