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It's Only Man U ...

Does everywhere seems a little quiet today, even the City feed on Newsnow are full of Man Utd sites postings,

Lets be honest, were we going to really get anything from this fixture ?   We may have got a little lucky and caught them with more minds on Tuesday and Sir Alex resting over half his team.  We could have been really up for it and playing out of our skins, (how many times has that happened)  

Hughton apparently went with a little bit of damage limitation in mind, according Rob Butler, who said he thought we could have been a bit more attack minded in the first half.

I don't know I didn't watch any streams and only listened to bits and pieces, an interesting thought,   the goals started to flow when we were being attacked minded and had changed his initial set up.

  A classic ploy that worked perfectly for them, get your nose in front,  the opposition normally will come out and have a go, leaving space to exploit on the break.  We had to do what we did to try and get anything out of the game, or we could have stayed the same and defended a game we were losing anyways.

No Brainer really.

But this is Man Utd  15 points clear at the top, dispatching all comers in the wake including the teams considered better than us.   We only have to play these boy's  twice, and they already owed us for the Carrow Road game.
Points taken away from Old Trafford yesterday just simply wasn't going to happen, no matter what the players or Hughton could do.

Our season doesn't hinge on these games,  you could almost discount these, it is always about playing those teams around us, there are enough points to gain survival, if there wasn't - then there wouldn't really be a Premier League.
Sometimes I think teams like City are seen by some,  as only being there for the big boys to take the points from.  That's why it is such a shock for many when they do beat them, IE  Arsenal and Man Utd.

It is the next couple of home games that will help define where we are going to be next season,  I don't think we are really in danger but we could spend  a little more time looking over our shoulders than perhaps need be, if we don't send Southampton and Reading home; with their tails firmly between their legs.

Yesterday can easily be forgotten,  nobody outside of the City camp expected anything else,  we are not in a worse position than we were before the game,  the defeats for Southampton and Reading at the hands of Everton and QPeeR,  were a far greater disaster then ours.

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