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Jekyll and Hyde are Still in the Building

If Alex Neil had any doubts about how his side can perform he saw first hand on saturday, excellent for an hour, then go to sleep, nearly clutching a draw from the jaws of victory.  I do wonder if the old City had been playing whether they would have rolled over completely allowing Cardiff to go away with a point they really didn't deserve.

Such is football it would not have been the first time a smash and grab raid had been executed at Carrow Road this season.

There can be little to complain about looking at the first half and the first 15 minutes of  second half, but I don't think many were surprised that Cardiff fought their way back they have too many good players to stay on the back foot for all the game.  In truth they could and should have opened the scoring missed chances and a penalty save from Ruddy is all that denied them.

Good goals from Hooper, Lafferty and Jerome shouuld have put the three points in the bag,  but the defence had other ideas and decided to have a nap.   Hard to lay blame on any individual,   the centre pairing are not known for speed and mobility , while Olsson was caught napping again allowing a player to steal the match on him. Perhaps his mind was on cadging a lift back to Wales for talks.

It has been harped on about countless times,  the need for central backs,  in my opinion we need more than centre backs cover and options are needed at right and left backs also.

Still 3 points is all that really matters, they were kept hold of  at the end of the day,  if the coaching staff can get to work on these lapses, not much all else is really wrong.

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