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Johnson Story.. McNally Denies

The rumours of Bradley Johnson move to the Vallly's of Wales continued yesterday being picked up by other agencies. City's CEO David McNally took to Twitter yesterday to deny the reports of the deal of £4.2 Million

He denied the Daily Mail  Report as  “completely untrue”. He added: “We are not in discussions with any club about the sale/potential sale of any first team player. OK?”

I have been around long enough now to know that while this may be true at the time McNally posted his tweet, it may not be the case a little later.   The workings in bussiness mostly always go along the same line.   A Story or Rumour appears which is Deniable, and more than not is denied; then when the heat has died down a little any deal or whatever can take place.

City may not be in any disussions at all, but that isn't to say Swansea has not approached City to test the water, also it does not confirm that City would not turn down an offer neither.  It is often the case it is what is not said that is more revealing.

I have not doubts that this is just another case of Journalistic Elastic,  and nothing of the sort is taking or about to take place. Johnson has had an excellent season and is a lot of supporters choice for the Barry Butler award. 

I hope that this rumour will not effect Johno's game, he has been a vital cog in the wheels and need another top performence from him and his team mates. besides I don't want to see the lad sold, moved or anything.

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