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Just a Thought or Two... A Little premature

I am not trying to put down Kei Kamara, he might well turn into a gem.. You could say I am posting this a bit early as the window is still open, if I was to post then with no more incomings  I would be accused of  simply moaning.

But I sincerely hope that, Kamara  isn't the sole result of a month's work in getting a striker,  it is very very poor.   I am not disgusted just bitterly disappointed that a more effort hasn't been put in, instead of all the mucking about  and time wasting with bids that just about everybody guessed would be rejected.

The fans have once again shown the club the backing which is the envy of many clubs, they have taken a price rise in their stride without much of a thought, just so they can continue supporting the club they love. And they have a right to raise questions over the transfer policies and manner of working, this I will add is the first time for many seasons.   

I believe that many fans can be easily forgiven for feeling  a little short changed.

It is especially disappointing given the prize that is at stake for next season, getting relegated isn't the end of the world, but the championship and League 1 are littered with clubs who thought they could bounce straight back up.

I sincerely hope that there a couple of surprises in store for the faithful in the way of Hooper or Van Wolfwinkel, but somehow I think that may just be out of City's willingness and price range.

Already this morning  Hughton has been preparing the fans for a the let down of not getting his primary targets and having to make do with he has got: He said:

" we just need fine tuning " and "we aren't far Off"

This post  isn't meant as a insult to Kamara at all. All City fans have to give him a chance, we have to welcome him to the club just as we would gary Hooper or any other signing.  

I repeat again I sincerely hope we see more action in the remaining hours

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