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Just an Idea

I would like to go back a short while, just after losing to WBA ... when David McNally was quoted as saying:


We WON'T go down but 'good guy' Chris Hughton had to go - Norwich chief exec David McNally

NORWICH chief executive David McNally has insisted that the club will not be relegated but that Chris Hughton needed to be sacked.

"Firstly we will not go down. Will I resign if we go down? That's a matter I will need talk about with the board."


I know we are not down yet it is not over until the Large Lady sings (whatever that means)  but it does not look to bright at the moment.  But  I would hate to see McNally resign or leave the club, nearly all of the forward steps made by this club in a short space of time is down to him.  

However I do believe that changes are need at pitch level and higher up, I would like to see a more football orientated person be appointed to the board, it is all well and good being supporters of the club, we need somebody who has gone a few rounds in the crazy mucked up world of football.  Who can Advise and help the Board  in and matter relating solely football, I am not talking about a Director of Football that we have already seen at other clubs,  any manager that City appoint has to have charge of training, playing and transfer targets etc. 

We have Board members who have a good business background, but  what we lack is a member with a professional Football background. Probably not a hardened fan of the club, as that passion can sometimes blur what is happening,  just somebody with the proffessional insight that can help the board in deision making and can also help a manager.



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