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Lambert and The Hall of Fame

Ever since the word was leaked about Lambert suing the club, we had been having one or two heated discussions in our forum, over the matter and of course over Paul Lambert.

One of the last points made was should a man who is suing the club, have his name proudly displayed in the Hall of Fame, alongside other City greats ?

Here are the views of some of our members:


Hardly the behaviour of a Hall of Famer I'd remove him from it, and paint over his brick at the same time


It has genuinely become a very incongruous situation.
Somebody who wants to sue the Club in the courts sitting proudly in the Club's Hall of Fame.
There's football, and there's common sense.


Shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame - he did well but was only here 3 seasons - the Hall of Fame thing should be reserved for  long serving and genuine legends and then only after they retire


For as much good that he did the club, he's undone all of that by leaving us with half a job done.  The guy has no commitment to anybody, he is a complete and utter muppet if you ask me!



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