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Lambert reported to be having Talks with Villa

We now leave the Grant Holt scenario and move to boss Paul Lambert, according to a reporter for the Daily Star, Aston Villa are to hold talks with Lambert on monday for thier vacant manager chair.

I do find this a little strange, as they have to ask permission to talk with Lambert, there has been no such indication that an approach has been made. David McNally would surely have given mention  of this in his posts earlier today on Twitter.

It appears that both  Aston Villa and Liverpool are simply taking names of their lists to ask for an interview, without any thought for the difficult situation they could be putting these perspective managers in; and the turmoil it cause thousands of supporters.

Take Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, flown over with his wife and agent on Friday after Villa were given permission to speak with the ex manchaester Utd striker and OGS insisting the talks were informal, but to me it  seems a rather lot of trouble to go to; sending a private jet to Norway to whisk them back to Birmingham.  

But now there seems a lot of confusion over whether he is still in the running or has ruled himself out, but his club in turmoil, their major backer has now withdrawn their support along with the supposed building of a new stadium.... all over the Villa talks.

So far in my book only one man has come out of this is with any credability is Brendan Rodgers, he simply refused to play the game with Liverpool and ruled himself out from the start.

I wonder how many of us City supporters wish Paul Lambert would do the same, after all we supporters are so important to him and the football club, yet we seem to be left dangling in a roar of deafening silence.

At least have the honestly to say that you are interested, this football club was here before you came and will be after you have gone, give them the decency of having some time to work in; before the season is upon us again.


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