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Lambert's Representatives to Met With Villa according to Sky

As you would expect the news feeds are rife with differing reports all saying much the same but a few others claim to know a little more.  

Sky Sports claim that :  Lambert's reprsentatives to to meet Villa today and  the biggest claim yet that "they know" that Lambert had a row with the board last night.

I would expect to hear something official from David McNally very soon . 

If things have unfolded as being predicted,  and I would not be surprised one iota,  then City  then it looks like City will not be able to claim compensation from Villa as he has resigned.  It seems it is the done thing now to advertise your interest in a manager via the media,  seemingly it could save having to go through the correct channels.

I would not mind seeing the job offered to Ian Culverhouse, he is more than capable and lambert admitted only the other week he is the one who suggests the changes during the game, and does the vast majority of work at Colney.

Other Names.

Ian Hollaway has worked wonders at Blackpool and does advocate playing football the correct way.  Gus Poyet at brighton would be another name to throw into the hat.  Sadly Malky McKay looks to be settled into his Cardiff post, lee Clarke another name I have seen mentioned, but has no experience at all above League One in mananaging.



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