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Let Them Off The Leash

I am sorry to say I am not a big fan of the clapper's being used again today, it is a sign of desperation to drum up some false support.  The voices and hands of City supporters over the years have been more than enough, in my Barclay Boy days, we had enough chants and songs to see us through more than one game.  We knew Big Dunc, Dave Stringer, Kenny Foggo kevib Keelan along with the other 7 players would give it their all and more, whether Win, Lose or Draw

There is only one thing that will get the crowd even more behind the team, is for them to give a performance on the pitch, where they show some passion, some fight and the will to want to win.  

Hughton for his part must take the Dog's Leah off and let the players have a run on the park, and not sit like some puppy scared of their own freaking tail, holding on to what they have as security.

Let them play..Go for it... You Style, Ideals,Tactics  and Vision are why we are up Pitt Street.

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